Got a commercial roof that needs work and your building is here in Hawaii? All Around Roofing and Waterproofing is the leading company for all things roofing on the big island. There are some very good reasons why you need to hire us and not our competitors.

We Understand the Forces of Nature in Hawaii

Hawaii gets hit with some severe forces of nature. Tsunamis, tropical storms, volcanic eruptions and more can take out a roof very quickly. Hiring a company that understands what the locals have been through establishes the connection Islanders feel for each other. There’s trust here, and there’s a feeling that the job will be done and completed well. Those that have never experienced some of the extremes in Hawaii simply don’t understand what it takes to put a roof back on a building. 

Additionally, we follow local building ordinances to the letter. It’s important to do so such that the new roof is stronger and better than the last and passes inspection. The roof isn’t complete until the building inspector passes it. 

We Have More Than Two Options for Commercial Roofing

Flat, gray roofs and roofs with a plastic sheeting are usually all that the competitors offer. We can offer much more than that. Check out our commercial roofing options in person or online to find the commercial roofing materials and aesthetic you like best.

The Roofs We Complete Are Thoroughly Sealed Against Moisture

Commercial roofs have a problem with seepage. If they are constructed properly, they will drain effectively. If they are sealed properly, they will not leak. Our completed roof projects are thoroughly sealed against moisture and they drain well. Nothing gets in, not even around the many rooftop vents and utility components.

Customer Service Excels

We like to toot our own horns here, but we do have great customer service. Check out our online reviews before hiring us and see for yourself.